Crazy for Plaid

Jason and I both realized we have the same plaid shirt in our closet. I guess Alaska brings that out of you. It’s wool, it’s red, and it’s warm. Wool anything up here is perfect. Socks, pants, hats, shirts! We both put them on yesterday and sent a picture to our parents.

I found my shirt at a thrift store, but it’s Woolrich, and can be found here.

For my grad school graduation gift, Jason sent me battery operated socks in the mail, “you’re gonna need these in a couple months!” Since then I have had several people ask where I got them. You can find them here. It is a different world up here in the great white north.

Today, it is zero degrees and I couldn’t be happier. Feels like spring!



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Him and Her. Life and Narrative. Married, partnered, friends. Simple and sweet. The ups and downs together. Be kind, be caring, be loving. A theatre artist and a military officer. Living in Georgia, often long distance. We explore, we write, we share. We love to travel, eat, listen to music, try new things, be present each day, and live a minimal lifestyle.

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